Zayn Malik Height

How tall is Zayn MalikHow tall is Zayn Malik?

Wondering how tall is Zayn Malik? Zayn Malik is one of the founding band members of One Direction. Zayn Malik height is 5 foot 9 in or 175cm.

Early Life and Career:

Zain Javadd Malik  (born January 12, 1993).  Zayn was born in West Lane, Bradford, England. He has an interesting heritage of both English and Pakistani descent. His father was a Brithish Pakistani and his mother was English. Zayn has one older sister and two younger sisters.

Zayn smokes cigarettes. In late 2011, he announced that his New Year’s resolution was to quit smoking. However, he was photographed throughout 2012 still smoking.

One Direction was able to rise to fame through their participation in the popular competition show, “The X Factor.” They were able to make it through the first few rounds of the competition and were put together as a collaborative act instead of several solo artists. Through this collaboration, they were able to take the third place on this show. Although they were only third their popularity with the young female crowd escalated them into superstar-dim.

Zayn Malik height is 5 ft 9 in or 175 cm

Zayn Malik Height Comparison

As we can see Zayn is an inch shorter than the tallest member Harry Styles, who stands at 5’10”. He is also 2 inches taller than the shortest member Niall Horan who is 5’7” tall.

how tall is zayn malik

Here we have the boys of One Direction next to Simon Cowell. Simon’s height is know at 5’9”, the same as Zayn. As we can see Zayn and Simon are the same height. Simon’s head looks higher but Zayn is leaning forwards slightly. Look at their shoulders, they are the exact same height.

how tall is zayn malik


  1. i would bet for 5’8″ since thats what i seen on other sources. he can’t be any much taller. plus he wears a bit taller footwear. maybe 5’8″ when barefooted AHAHAHAHA!

  2. 172cm height range I think.

  3. In person he is short, looks 5’7 range. In photos they look a lot taller!

  4. But he’s also not over 5’7″ from what I’ve been able to gather. Or, if he is, it’s very slightly. A 170cm listing is definitely more appropriate.

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