Yao Ming Height

yao ming heightHow tall is Yao Ming?

Wondering how tall is Yao Ming? This basketball star stands at a massive 7’6” tall or 229cm.

Yao was drafted by the Houston Rockets as the first pick in 2002 NBA draft. The same season he was an All-Star and was also on the teams All-Rookie team. He then earned All-Star honors in the six seasons to follow and helped the Rockets to the playoffs in five of the six years. Standing at a monstrous 7’6” Yao is nearly a foot taller than your average NBA star. His height gives him an advantage, making him one basketball star that you need to watch.

Yao Ming Height Comparison

Yao Ming is massive here he is running next to what looks like average sized females.

how tall is Yao Ming

Another shot with Yao and the general public. What a monster he is towering over everyone else.

how tall is yao ming

Here is Yao Ming with Shaq, Shaq is 7’1” tall and as we can see Yao is taller.

how tall is yao ming


  1. This guy is really huge! i think its a result of a excessive hormone production ahahahaha i bet he can even reach the ceiling of my house. really outstanding height and cool player too LOL!

  2. one of the tallest basket ball players of all time but not amazed wit his skills on playing basketball. hes just tall thats all. but amazingly you can’t find any man that kind of height AHAHAHAHA!

  3. no one can argue about his height hahahaha maybe one of the tallest guys in the world. or wait i think i seen an article that the tallest person on earth is around 8 feet. but still its pretty rare to find a height like that. most men can do atleast 6’5″ at most and hard to have that 7feet height but for yao ming thats a big WOW!

  4. yao ming is one of the tallest basket ball players of all time. he may have that tall height but im not impressed of his basketball skills it is often a case of gigantism. its not on the family genes anymore AHAHAAHHA!

  5. Wow imagine being his height!

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