Willow Smith Height

How tall is Willow SmithHow tall is Willow Smith?

She stands at 5’1” or 153cm. The daughter of the famous Will and Jada Smith is actively starring in movies since 2007.


Willow’s dad the world renown Will Smith played the leading role in quite a few blockbuster hits like “Man In Black”, “I, Robot” and “Bad Boys”. Her mother Jada Smith is also a successful actress herself some of the movies she has appeared in are “The Matrix” and “The nutty Professor”. Trey and Jaden are the two bigger brothers of Willow Smith, it is only normal that both of them are involved in the family business.

The Smith kids were raised inside a family completely dedicated to the entertainment industry. Ever since Willow was very young she witnessed her mother and father acting on stage, journeyed to different places all around the world, and noticed precisely what it takes to complete a movie.

“I Am Legend” was the first movie that Willow Smith appeared in; at the time she was just seven years old. During the autumn of  2010, Willow Smith entered the music market with the help of her catchy track “Whip My Hair.” The gifted teenager legally became a member of the Jay-Z’s “Roc Nation” record label in late 2010.

How tall is Willow Smith – height is 5’1″(153cm)

Willow Smith Height Comparison

Here we have Willow with brother Jaden Smith. With boots on Willow is only a few inches of her 5’7” brothers height. Her hair also helps make her look taller.

how tall is willow smith

Here she is with her 5’0” Mum and 6’2” dad. As we can see she is a very similar height to her mum.

Smith family height comparison

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  1. Wow, so very short. Takes after her mother i guess. Not after her father as he is tall.

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