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How tall is Will.i.am?How tall is Will.i.am?

Wondering, how tall is Will.i.am? Will.i.am (pronounced “Will I am”), is an American recording artist, songwriter, entrepreneur, voice actor, DJ, record producer, and philanthropist, he stands at 5’9” tall or 175cm.

He is best known for his music created in the hip hop group, The Black Eyed Peas.

Early Life and Career:

Will.i.am real name is William Adams, he was born 15 March 1975. in Los Angeles. Will.i.am music career started young, in the eighty grade he joined forces with Allan Pineda and Dante Santiago and performed around Los Angeles under the name Atbann Klann. Rapper Eazy-E discovered the young talented trio and signed them. Their first record was called Grass Roots but wasn’t released as Eazy-E died in 1995. Following his untimely death they changed the name of the band to The Black Eyed Peas in 1997. The group then released to mildly successful albums and continued to create music. It wasn’t until the third album that the group become super famous. The group released the need for a female vocalist, which lead to Fergie joining to add her female touch and sex appeal. When the album was released in 2003 Fergie was part of the group and the new album sold more than 8.5 million copies worldwide.

The Black Eyed Peas popularity shot through roof with the released of album number four ‘Money Business’ 2005. This sold more than 10 million copies around the world. Hit singles included ‘Don’t Phunk with my Heart.

Still just wanting to know how tall is Will.i.am? Will.i.am height is 5’9” or 175cm. 

Will.i.am Height Comparison

Here we have The Black Eyed Peas. As we can see Taboo (Silver suit) is slightly taller than Will.i.am, Taboo is 5’11 tall and does appear to be 2 inches taller in this photo.

how tall is will.i.am?

Will.i.am with pop star Psy. Psy is 5’7” tall or 170cm. As we can see Will.i.am has 2 inches on Psy confirming his height at 5’9”.

How tall is Psy


  1. will i am is only 5’8″ or something but not 5’9″ maybe in a tall footwear i suppose AHAHAHAH but definitely sure that he is 5’8 barefooted. not bad and a good musical artist too. missed listening to their songs LOL!

  2. He’s a weak 5’8 ft in some pics with David Guetta who is 5’9ft he’s almost the same height and in other pics he looks shorter by 1-2 inches i think he might be a lift wearer.

  3. 175cm seems generous? maybe 173cm at best

  4. He is not that tall. I met him. I’m 5’10 and he was a lot shorter than me.

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