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Viggo Mortensen HeightHow tall is Viggo Mortensen?

Wondering, how tall is Viggo Mortensen? This actor stands at 5 feet 10.75 inches (180 cm). Viggo Mortensen height is average for a male.

Viggo Peter Mortensen Jr. was born on October 20,1958 in Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA. His mother is Grace Gamble (Atkinson) and and his father is Viggo Peter Mortensen, Sr. He made his film debut with a small part in Witness (1985). He appeared in Salvation!: Have You Said Your Prayers Today? (1987) and married his co-star, Exene Cervenka. The two had a son, Henry Mortensen. But after nearly eleven years of marriage, the couple divorced.

In 1999, Viggo got a phone call about a movie he did not know anything about: The Lord of the Rings. At first, he didn’t want to do it, because it would mean time away from his son. But Henry, a big fan of the books, told his father he shouldn’t turn down the role. Viggo accepted the part and immediately began work on the project, which was already underway. Eventually, the success of Lord of the Rings made him a household name – a difficult consequence for the ever private and introspective Viggo.

Still wondering, how tall is Viggo Mortensen? He is 5 feet 10.75 inches (180 cm).

Viggo Mortensen Height Comparison

Here is Viggo Mortensen with Kirsten Dunst who is 5 feet 5.5 inches (166 cm). As we can see, Viggo is taller than Kirsten by about 5 inches.

How tall is Viggo Mortensen

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