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how tall is trey songzHow tall is Trey Songz?

Are you one of the Hip-Hop fans who have been desperate to know how tall is Trey Songz? He is a rapper, singer, song writer, record producer and an actor who is 6 feet 1 inch tall. Trey is said to be about 185cms, which is a good height.

He debuted with his album “I Gotta Make It”, which is released in 2005 and was received very well. In 2007, the rapper released “Trey Day”, which is his second album and “Ready” which is the third was released in 2009. His latest album “Passion, Pain & Pleasure” is released in September 2010.

Born on 28th of November 1984 as Tremaine Aldon Neverson in Petersburg, Virginia, Trey Song was a military brat. A shy and reserved kid, he realized how good he was at the age of 14 but was always reluctant to sing in front of others. Trey was discovered in 2000 by Troy Taylor in a talent contest and by 2002 had a contract with Atlantic Records. The young artist moved to New Jersey once he finished High School and started working on his debut album. In 2004, Trey also created mixtapes using the alias “Prince of Virginia”


All four albums created by Trey Songz have been hits. While his first album “I Gotta Make It” clearly showed he was a still a novice, he came a long way with his second album “Trey Day”. In fact, with his third album “Ready” Trey proved he had what it takes to climb to the very top. The album climbed as high as number 3 on the Billboard 200.

Trey has also released a couple of mixtapes which act as a proof of how hard he has worked in life and how far his music has come. Before making his third album, he released a mixtape called “Anticipation” which featured a few of his upcoming songs and was received very well.  “Genesis” which is a collection of his songs he made at age 15 and was recorded back then was released especially for his loyal fans.

The rapper has also contributed to the movie “Step Up 3D” with his song “Already Taken”. You can find a lot more information on him along with how tall is Trey Songz on his official website.

Trey Songz height is 6’1″(185cm)

Trey Songz Height Comparison

Trey next to Bow Wow. As you can see Trey is a much taller guy, Bow Wow is only 5 foot 7. The 6 inch height difference is apparent. How tall is Trey Songz? He is slightly above average height.

how tall is trey songz

Trey Songz with Chris Brown. Chris is 6 foot 1 inches tall a very similar to Trey.

Trey Songs Height


  1. nahhh chris brown is only 6 feet and definitely this guy is 6’1″ no doubt. i just seen an article that chris brown is around 5’11” barefooted. its already tall enough for a guy like him to have that kind of HEIGHT!

  2. I think he is 6’1 because him and chris brown are the same height.

  3. Guys he’s 6’2″, the latest pic is with Chris Brown & he’s 6’1″ and Trey Songz looks a little bit taller than Chris so it makes sense.

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