Top Photos – Tom Cruise Real Height (Movies vs Reality)

Tom Cruise is one star who always looks taller in movies. Check out these photos of Tom Cruise:

Tom Cruise Real Height – (Movie Height vs Real Height):

5 foot 7 – Tom Cruise with 6 foot Ving Rhames in Mission: Impossible II

tom cruise real height







Check out the pair side by side in real life:

real tom cruise height

Here is Tom with ex – Nichole Kidman (She is 5 foot 10 inches tall)

Dancing in Eyes wide shut, both stars are the same height, and Kidman has heels on…

tom cruise and nichole kidman height 2

In real life, she towers over Tom with high heels on.

tom and nichole kidman height

Here is Tom with 5 foot 9 inch Cameron Diaz in Knight and Day. He looks much taller than her on the beach.

Tom cruise movie height

But in real life, she has got a few inches on him.
tom cruise cameron diaz height

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  1. Im 12′ 5″ in real life but only 5’2″ in my home movies. I can understand Tom’s dilemma.

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