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Emma Roberts Height

Emma Roberts height

How tall is Emma Roberts? Wondering, how tall is Emma Roberts? This actress stands at 5 foot 2 inches tall (158cm). Emma Roberts height is below average for a female. Emma Rose Roberts was born February 10, 1991. She is an American actress and singer. After small roles in films such as Blow (2001), she rose to prominence with her role as Addie Singer in …

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Emilia Clarke Height

Emilia Clarke height

How tall is Emilia Clarke? Wondering, how tall is Emilia Clarke? This actress stands at 5 foot 2 inches tall (157cm). Emilia Clarke height is below average for a female. Emilia Clarke was born 26 October 1986. She is an English actress. She is best known for her role as Daenerys Targaryen in the HBO series Game of Thrones, for which she received …

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Amy Adams Height

how tall is amy adams

How tall is Amy Adams? Wondering, how tall is Amy Adams? This American actress made famous from The Muppets and Enchanted stands at 5 foot 4 inches or (162cm). Early Life and Career: Amy Lou Adams was born in 20 August 1974. Amy has American parents however, she was born in Italy. She made her film debut in 1999 in …

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Anna Paquin Height

how tall is anna paquin

How tall is Anna Paquin? Anna Paquin is a New Zealand actress, made famous from X-Men and True Blood. She stands at 5 foot 4 inches (163cm). Early Life and Career: Anna Helene Paquin was born 24th July 1982 in Canada. However, she grew up in Wellington, New Zealand. Anna landed her first film role in The Piano, she won …

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Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Height

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen height

How tall is Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen? They stand at 5 foot 2 inches and 5 foot 3 inches. (157cm and 160cm) Mary Kate is one inch shorter than her sister. Their height is a little below average for an American woman. Biography and Career: If you are familiar with the television series Full House, then you know the Olsen …

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Rooney Mara Height

How tall is rooney mara

How tall is Rooney Mara? She stands at just 5 foot 3 inches in height (161cm). Patricia Rooney Mara is an American film and television actress who made her acting debut in 2005 and has gone on to star in films including A Nightmare on Elm Street, the remake of the 1984 horror film, and The Social Network. She is …

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Chloe Grace Moretz Height

how tall is chloe grace moretz

How tall is Chloe Moretz? Wondering, how tall is Chloe Grace Moretz? This American actress and Kick-Ass star is still growing. Her current height is is 5 foot 4 inches tall or 164cm. Chloe jumped to fame after her roles in Diary of a Wimpy Kid (2010), Kick-Ass (2010), Dark Shadows (2012) and Kick-Ass 2 (2013). Chloe is just getting …

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