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Jay Gardner Height

Jay from Geordie Shore height

How tall is Jay Gardner? Wondering how tall is Jay Gardner from Geordie Shore? Jay is described as the ‘old silver back’ and also the ‘daddy’ of the house. Jay is also the tallest. Jay stands at 6’2” tall (188cm). Since finding love Jay has left the Geordie Shore house, however you will see him visit on occasion in the …

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Scott Timlin Height

Scotty T from Geordie Shore Height

How tall is Scott Timlin? Wondering, how tall is Scott Timlin from Geordie Shore (Scotty T)? Scott is the tallest of the current Geordie Shore crew. He stands at 6 foot and 2 inches tall (188cm). Tag Line: “Get me in this house ’cause I’m gonna tear the place up.” Still just interested in Scott Timlin’s height? Scott is quite tall, standing …

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Ricci Guarnaccio Height

Ricci from Geordie Shore Height

How tall is Ricci Guarnaccio? Wondering, how tall is Ricci Guarnaccio from Geordie Shore? Ricci is just pushing 5’8” in height (172cm). Ricci is one of the shorter cast members, but does appear to be taller than most would thing because of his lean physique. Line: “Got the looks, got the charm; it just works.” Still just interested in how tall is …

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James Tindale Height

How tall is James from Geordie Shore

How tall is James Tindale? How tall is James Tindale from Geordie Shore? James Tindale stands at 5 foot 8.5 inches tall (174cm). James is slightly below average height for a UK male. James quote: “The hardest graft I’ve ever done is doing my hair.” Still just wondering, how tall is James Tindale? He stands at 5’8.5” or 174cm tall. James Tindale …

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Gary Beadle Height

How tall is Gary from Geordie Shore

How tall is Gary Beadle? Wondering, how tall is Gary Beadle from Geordie Shore. Gary or Gaz is actually around average height for a UK male, he stands at 5 foot 9 inches tall or 175cm in height. His slender physique makes him appear to be much taller than he actually is. How tall is Gary from Geordie Shore? 5’9” …

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