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Akon Height

Height of Akon

How tall is Akon? Wondering how tall is Akon? This singer and hip hop star is 5 foot 11 inches tall (180cm). Early Life and Career: Aliuane Damala Akon Thiam was born 16 April 1973. He is a Senegalese American hip hop singer. He rose to fame in 2004 with the release of “Locked Up” and his album Trouble. Still …

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Christian Bale Height

how tall is christian bale

How tall is Christian Bale? Are you wondering, how tall is Christian Bale? This multi-talented movie star has been in some of the biggest blockbusters in Hollywood history. He stands at 5 foot 11.5 inches (182cm) tall. Christian Bale is most well known for his fantastic performance as Batman in Christopher Nolan’s films. Early Life and Career: Christian Bale  was …

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Bruce Willis Height

how tall is bruce willis

How tall is Bruce Willis? He stands just under 6 foot in height, he is 5 foot 11.5 inches or 183cm tall. Who will ever forget the larger than life character of Bruce Willis in Armageddon or Die Hard? Always known for his wise-cracking and hard-edge film character, Bruce Willis had also shown his vulnerable side in the blockbuster hit …

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Brody Jenner Height

How tall is Brody Jenner height

How tall is Brody Jenner? Son of American Olympian Bruce Jenner and reality T.V. star stands at  5’11” tall (182cm). Early Life and Career: Sam Brody Jenner was born 1983 on August 21st in Los Angeles. In 2005 Brody made his first reality TV series called The Princes of Malibu, where his brother Brandon also featured and his good friend Spencer Pratt. …

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ASAP Rocky Height

How tall is ASAP Rocky really

How tall is ASAP Rocky? This American rapper stands at 5 foot 11.5 inches tall (182cm). ASAP Rocky is slightly above average height for a U.S. male. Early Life and Career: ASAP Rocky was born October 3, 1988 in Harlem New York. ASAP Rocky had a hard upbringing. Rocky found himself getting caught up in street activities in his neighborhood. Rocky’s …

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Jordin Sparks Height

Height of Jordin Sparks

How tall is Jordin Sparks? Wondering, how tall is Jordin Sparks? She stands at 5 foot 11 inches tall or 182cm, which is very tall for a female. In 2007 she became famous after winning the sixth season of American Idol; at the young age of only 17. Jordin is the youngest winner in the series’ history so far. Early Life …

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James May Height

Height of James May

How tall is James May? This presenter is 5 foot and 11.5  inches tall or 182cm tall, James is just under 6 feet in height. Early Life and Career: James May was born in Bristol on 16 January 1963.  He is a TV presenter, journalist and writer. James is best know for his role on BBC Top Gear, a car enthusiasts …

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