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how tall is snookiHow tall is Snooki?

Wondering, how tall is Snooki? Snooki’s height is just 4 feet 9 inches tall. Known for her tiny stature this Chilean American reality star has become very famous. She hit mainstream success with the MTV reality television series known as “ Jersey Shore” which first aired in 2009.


Chile, Santiago was where Snooki was born. Her parents were of Italian-American origin. Snooki is adopted by an office manager mother and a volunteer firefighter father. Snooki’s actual name is Nicole Elizabeth Polizzi and she was born on the 23rd of November, 1987. She was the first among her middle school friends to kiss a boy and thus she received the nickname of “Snooki”, a nickname derived from the movie ‘Save the Last Dance’.

Early life

Snooki was brought up in New York where she attended a school in Marlboro. After graduating from high school the young girl went to a community college in order to get a degree as a veterinary technician. Acute eating disorder was something that bothered the future reality star while in high school, where at one point of time she weighed a mere 36 kilos.


Snooki first obtained a celebrity status by appearing in the MTV reality series, “Is She Really Going out with Him”. She appeared in the 14th episode of the show which was named as “Jerz Pud”.

When she starred in “Jersey Shore”, Snooki earned about $5000 per episode and now her earnings have gone up to $30,000 per episode. She also increased her public appearance fees from $2000 to $10,000 when a gym teacher from one of New York’s school punched her on the show (this clip was censored) but it was leaked on

Snooki has also appeared in television shows like Cake Bake on TLC where she is seen to be ordering a cake for her mother. She has been caricatured by many television series like “South Park” (“It’s a Jersey Thing”) and by Bobby Moynihan on Saturday Night Live.

At the CMT Music awards 2010 she was the show’s presenter. Nicole Elizabeth Polizzi has also written a book called “A Shore Thing”.

But after all said and done she is one of Americas most loved reality television celebrities which always makes people wonder how tall is Snooki, the tiny girl with an attitude?

How tall is Snooki? Snooki height is 4’9″(144cm)

Snooki Height Comparison

Snooki looks tiny in this picture next to her BFF Jwoww. Jwoww is slightly above average height for a female at 5 foot 7 inches.

how tall is snooki

Check out Snooki in public, as we can see she is a tiny lady.

How tall is Snooki


  1. Pauly 5’9.5
    Vinny 5’7.5
    Ronnie 5’5
    Roger(Jennies boyfriend)6’2
    Jionni 5’2
    Jennie 5’6
    Sammie 5’4
    Deena 4’9
    Nicole 4’8

  2. Snooki was measured 4’8 on the jersey shore in the morning. they went after waking up straight to the doctors office where she was measured.

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