Simon Cowell Height

How tall is Simon CowellHow tall is Simon Cowell?

Famous for his harsh an hurtfully truthful remarks, Simon Cowell is surprisingly average height standing at only 5 foot 9 inches or 175cm.

Early Life and Career:

Simon was born in London, England on 7 October, 1959. Simon’s father was a estate developer and industry executive. His mother was a ballet dancer and socialite.  Simon Cowell started in the mail room at EMI Music, working for his father. Simon was eventually given a role as a talent scout. Soon after he left his fathers company he went to work for E&S Music. After getting enough experience Simon left and formed his own company Fanfare Records, this company failed in 1989, with all the financial problems of a failed company Simon was forced to move back home with Mom and Dad. Simon kept trying and signed as a consultant with BMG Records the next year. Simon was doing well and climbing the corporate ladder at BMG. From his success her Simon went on to producing the hit TV show Pop Idol in Britain, this soon followed with the US version American Idol.

The huge success fo American Idol has made Simon a household name. Simon then left American Idol after working for 10 seasons as a judge, He started his own show the X Factor in 2011. Simon is set to have a current salary of $75 million and a total net worth of $320 million. For more on Simon Cowell see his Wiki page here.

How tall is Simon Cowell? Simon Cowell Height is 5’9” or 175cm. 

Simon Cowell Height Comparison

Here we have Simon standing next to Britney Spears, Britney is only 5’4”, with 4 inch heels on she is nearly the same height as Simon. Simon is only an average height at best.

how tall is simon cowell


  1. 5’6″ LOL. Clueless. He has typical solid stocky 5’8″ proportions when barefoot, quite a big mesomorph upper body and short legs.

  2. 2 inches of Cuban heel and another 2 inches of wedge inside the custom made shoe. He’s another 5′ 6″ bloke to go with Cruise, Bieber and Wahlberg among others….

  3. This listing has to be wrong….the guy always wears elevator shoes covered by his jeans/trousers and appears average in them. I would assume he is between 5 foot 7 and 5 foot 8 height.

  4. Well i wouldn’t be suprised if he is 5’7.75 (172 cm) barefoot

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