Shia LaBeouf Height

Shia LaBeouf HeightHow tall is Shia Labeouf?

This American actor and director ┬áis 5 foot 9 inches tall or 175cm. In 2007 Shia landed one of the biggest movie roles of all time, he starred in Michael Bay’s science fiction movie Transformers. Despite getting mixed reviews the Transformers series is one of the highest grossing films in history and has made Labeouf a house hold name.

Early Life and Career:

Shia Saide Labeouf was born 11 June 1986. Shia starred his career on the Disney Channel in Even Stevens. For his role he received a Young Artist Award and 2001 he won a Daytime Emmy. Shia wanted bigger things and in 2003 he made his move to the big screen in Holes. In 2007 Shia starred in Disturbia and Surf’s Up, This was the same year he landed the role of Sam Witwicky in Transformers. In 2010 he starred in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (2010), then Lawless (2012). Shia has had amazing success for such a young guy and is moving to bigger and bigger things. He is one young Hollywood star to watch.

Still wondering how tall is Shia Labeouf? He stands at 5 foot 9 inches or 175cm.

Shia LaBeouf Height Comparison

Here is Shia with 5 foot 4 inch, Megan Fox. As we can see with heels on Megan is nearly as tall as Shia.

How tall is Shia LaBeouf Height

Here is Shia with Brad Pitt. Brad is just under 6 feet tall and as we can see Shia is a fair bit shorter.

Shia LaBeouf Height


  1. nahh he is just only 5’8″ i can tell and just for the record he never even reached 6 foot even with a thick footwear AHAHAHAHA those younger days of his he was around 5’6″ but i think his aged increased his height a bit LOL!

  2. nahhh i think 5’9″ would be enough on his age plus his body is really on a healthy range. but i dislike this guy. he is once a good actor but lately became douche. too bad i kinda like him on his previous roles. seeing his images really shows up how tall he is LOL!

  3. he was once one of the best actors of his generation but he grew up being a jerk. and i dont believe he had that kind of height. i would guess he is around like 5 feet 7 inches. thats even too much. slim and had a good career indeed but still i would suggest he adjust his attitude AHAHAHA!

  4. I am similar height to this guy. He looks low-end of average range. Anywhere 174-176 midday is possible.

  5. Weak 5’9″ height. This is a bit too much.

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