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shakira height belly danceHow tall is Shakira?

Shakira is actually very short in height, standing at only 5 foot 2 inches or 157cm tall. Her petite figure does however make her look longer and taller, it is said Shakira weights only 125 pounds. Shakira was born in Colombia, giving her a beautiful exotic look.s.


After the success of Shakira’s spanish album Dónde Están los Ladrones, Shakira began her work on non English crossover album. She worked for over a year on new material. Whenever, Wherever, was released a the first and lead single from her first English album. This was her third album however. This become an international success by reaching number one in most countries. This was Shakira’s first real hit in the US and marked a huge success for Skarira as she finally managed to break into the tough US music market. Shakia is most famous for her sexy belly dancing.

Shakira is said to be currently working to finish her eighty studio album . She has just finished a collaboration with rapper Pitbull on a song “Get It Started”. Shakira is also substituting on the American reality TV show The Voice, alongside Usher and Ce Lo Green.

Still just interested in how tall is Shakira? She is 5 foot 2 or 157cm.

Shakira Height Comparison

Here is Shakira with Gerard Pique, The 6’4” (192cm) footballer towers over his wife, even with heels on Shakira looks more than a foot taller than Gerard.

shakira height


  1. She might be no taller than 5’0. I wouldn’t be surprised if she just reaches that height listed with shoes.

  2. i thinks she is 5’1 like me…

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