Seth Green Height

Seth Green HeightHow tall is Seth Green?

He is 160cm high or 5 foot and 3 inches.  which is well below the average height for an American male.Seth Green will always be remembered for his voice, screen writing, and direction on Robot Chicken. He also had his turn in acting on numerous feature films, including The Italian Job, Austin Power films, and Old Dogs among so many others. Lean and geeky in most of his films, still there are many who wonder about his height.


Seth Green is born Seth Benjamin Gesshel-Green. He was born on February 8, 1974 in Overbrook Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His parents are Barbara, an artist, and Herbert Green, a math teacher. Seth is the youngest son and has an older sister named Kaela. The family is Jewish.


His most notable characters were Richie Tozier at age 12 in the film Ticks in 1993. Also as Scott, Dr. Evil’s son in all of the three Austin Powers movies; and the main computer specialist in both the Enemy of the State and The Italian Job. His roles in Can’t Hardly Wait, Without a Paddle, Rat Race, and Old Dogs among others were also very significant. Seth also starred with Jennifer Love Hewitt for the short-lived The Byrds of Paradise in 1994. The two worked again in 1998 for Can’t Hardly Wait.

Still just interested in how tall is Seth Green? He stands at just 5 foot 3 inches or 160cm.

Seth Green Height Comparison

Here is Seth Green with 5 foot 7 inch (170cm) Clare Grant, she is clearly much taller than Seth.

 Seth Green Height

Here they are again, she is much taller than Seth, this is even more obvious when she is in heels.

Seth Green Height


  1. watching inside the actors studio i thought he would be like 5’6″ or something but looking at him and seth mcfarlene he is really short hahahaha 5’2″ would most likely his standard height and he doesn’t go beyond that unless with a footwear LOL!

  2. seth is really short AHAHAHAA between him and seth mcfarline, mcfarline is even taller than him. and yes he is 5 feet 3 inches even the actors studio tells it. LOL short but funny playing as chris griffin AHAHAH!

  3. Mark Wahlberg towers over him in the Italian job and his height is arguably 5’7 flat, Green has to be more like 5’2. Real height = 5’2”

  4. 5’1/5’2 I would say

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