Scott Timlin Height

Scott Timlin HeightHow tall is Scott Timlin?

Wondering, how tall is Scott Timlin from Geordie Shore (Scotty T)? Scott is the tallest of the current Geordie Shore crew. He stands at 6 foot and 2 inches tall (188cm).

Tag Line:¬†“Get me in this house ’cause I’m gonna tear the place up.”

Still just interested in Scott Timlin’s height? Scott is quite tall, standing at 6 foot 2 inches.

Scott Timlin Height Comparison

Here is Scott along side new cast member Dan, Dan’s height is 5’8” at best. As we can see Scotty T is a fair bit taller than Dan.

Scott from Geordie Shore Height

Here we can see Scott is clearly the tallest of the new Geordie Shore cast by a few inches

Scott Timlin height

Here is 6’2” Scott with 5’9” Gary Beadle and 5’8.5” James Tindale. As we can see he is a fair few inches taller than the other boys.

Scott Timlin height


  1. I just met Scott a few weeks back, he is an easy 6’2″ maybe even 6’3″

  2. I’m pretty sure that Scott mentions in Season 5 that he is 6’3″

  3. 6 foot 2 mite be a bit tall for him. The other cast members are all quite short. Maybe 6 foot – 6 foot 1 would be an accurate height for Scott?

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