Sammi Giancola Height

How tall Is Sammi GiancolaHow tall is Sammi Giancola?

Are you still wondering, how tall is Sammi Giancola? she stands at is 5 feet 6 inches tall or 167cm.


Sammi Giancola was born in Hazlet, New Jersey in 1987.

In 2009 she got selected to take part in the famous MTV reality show, Jersey Shore and American realty Television series that premiered on MTV on 3rd of December, in the same year. The series is the first step of her career.

Sammi Giancola has been getting more famous by the day ever since the very 1st season of the reality show Jersey Shore was released on MTV. She has been climbing the ladder of success with the progress of every season. The first season was in the cold North East, the second on Miami Beach, season 3 at the Jersey shore and the forth which premiered on 4th of August 2011 was filmed in Italy. The fifth is expected to return to Seaside heights. Sammi even launched her own line of perfumes called “Dangerous”. On top of that she has the ‘Sweetheart Collection” which is Rich Rocks collection of jewelry.

 Sammi Giancola height is 5’6″(167cm)

Sammi Giancola Height Comparison

Sammi is only slightly shorter than 5 foot 8 inch Ronnie. How tall is Sammi Giancola? Slightly above average height for a female.

how tall is sammi Giancola

With heels on she is a few inches taller than Ronnie.

Sammi Jersey Shore Height

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  1. More like 5 foot 5. Ronnie is shorter than you think and so Sammi is also shorter.

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