Ryan Seacrest Height

how tall is ryan seacrestHow tall is Ryan Seacrest?

Caught wondering, how tall is Ryan Seacrest? He is 5 foot 7.5 inches tall or 171cm. Ryan is an American television and radio presenter.


His major fame was gained from presenting American Idol, at one stage the most watched show in America. When most people think of American Idol, they think of Ryan Seacrest. In 2009, following the massive success of American Idol, Ryan singed a deal for $45 Million to continue to be the host of the show, this made him the highest paid reality TV host ever. Following this, in April 2012, Ryan then signed another two year deal for $40 million to stay on and continue to host American Idol.

Now, along with American Idol he presents a range of different shows and events, such as: E! News Live, On Air with Ryan Seacrest. He also produces and presents the red-carpet shows of entertainment channel E!  Ryan is also an executive producer of The Kardashians.

How tall is Ryan Seacrest? Ryna Seacrest height is 5 ft 7.5 in or 171 cm.

Ryan Seacrest Height Comparison

Ryan next to 5’9” Simon Cowell. Clearly Ryan is a few inches shorter, although this is sometimes hard to see as Ryan is know to wear ‘lifts’ in his shoes.

how tall is ryan seacrest

Ryan next to girlfriend Julianne Houghs, Julianne’s is know to be a very petite lady, her height is 5’3” or 160cm. As we can see both Ryan and Juilianne are in jandals and Ryan is taller by around 4 inches only.

how tall is ryan seacrest


  1. Watching the red carpet at the globes. Ryan Seacrest doe not look a cm above 170cm. If that, he looked the same height as 5 foot 6 Jonah hill to me.

  2. He’s actually Kind of short for an American guy.

  3. What he lacks in height is made up in cash…just saying.

  4. I watched the Red Carpet prior to the Grammy Awards 2015 and Pharrell Williams and Keith Urban were both 2 – 3ins taller than Ryan Seacrest and Williams wore flat sneaker style shoes. He is 5’7″ maximum, probably less from what I saw tonight.

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