Ryan Gosling Height

How Tall is Ryan GoslingHow tall is Ryan Gosling?

Ryan is definitely not a short person; his height is 6 feet 1 inch tall.


Ryan Gosling spent most of his early years in the city of Cornwall, although he was born in London, Ontario. Ryan’s father Mr. Thomas was a door to door sale person. His mother Donna was employed as a secretary. The actor has mention numerous times that he was deeply influenced by his family’s religion who were Mormons. Unfortunately for the future star his parents separated and he was brought up only by his mother.


Ryan Gosling first big break came in the 1993. It all started with him attending and winning an audition for a role in “Mickey Mouse Club”. It is quite important to point out that Ryan’s colleagues were none other than Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears.

In the year 1998 he appeared in “Young Hercules” a TV series and in 1997 Ryan starred in “Breaker High”. He also featured in films like “Remember the Titans”, “The Slaughter Rule”  and “Murder by Numbers” all released to the public the year 2002. “The Ideas of March” is the last big project that Ryan participated in. Acting alongside George Clooney was something that the young star wanted to do for quite some time.

Ryan Gosling height is 6’1″(185cm)

Ryan Gosling Height Comparison

Ryan next to Eva Mendes. Eva is average height for a women being 5’6” tall. Ryan is clearly a fair bit taller at 6’1”. How tall is Ryan Gosling? Ryan is above average height for a male and considered by most females to be the perfect height.

how tall is ryan gosling


  1. Look at him in crazy stupid love! Next to steve carell he barely looks 3 inches taller, if carell is really 175cm, then gosling is a 182cm, still 6ft tall, but not 185cm

    • steve carell is only 5’9″ and its true that he is 3 inches taller coz his real height is 6’2″ well thats true statement with a footwear. he could be 6’1″ if he is barefooted. tall guy and handsome too. he looks rugged and yet soo CUTE!!

  2. in some pictures with Georges Clooney he seem just a little taller than George. If George is 5 foot 11 then 6 foot seems right to me for Gosling.

  3. My ”ultimate guess” for Goslings height: 184.5 cm / 6ft 0.25in = Ryan Gosling.

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