Rupert Grint Height

Rupert Grint HeightHow tall is Rupert Grint?

Wondering, how tall is Rupert Grint? This Harry Potter star is around average height, he stands at 5 foot 8 inches (173cm). Made ultra famous from his successful position as Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter series Rupert is one young Hollywood star to watch.

Early Life and Career:

Rupert Alexander Lloyd Grint was born on 24th of August 1988, in England. Rupert was cast in Harry Potter at the age of 11, having only acting experience in his school play before this. This role took up most of his childhood with filming starting in 2001 and finishing in 2011. He starred in all 8 films. Rupert has a close friendship with both Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, he said they treat each other like brothers and sisters as they have grown up together.

Still just interested in, how tall is Rupert Grint? He stands at 5 foot 8 inches or 173cm.

Rupert Grint Height Comparison

As we can see here Rupert is 2 inches taller than 5 foot 6 inch Daniel Radcliffe. He is also a very similar height to 5 foot 5 inch Emma Watson who is wearing heels.

Rupert Grint Height


  1. come on he is only 5’7″ emma watson is actually 5’8″ look at his shoes its think to look at. i seen a few images that emma is taller than these two ahaahhaha without a doubt that daniel is the SHORTEST!

  2. Rupert Grints height is 5’8″ or 173 cm in his bare feet.

  3. He doesn’t look any taller than he is listed here. 5’8″ seems right

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