Ronnie Coleman Height

Ronnie Coleman HeightHow tall is Ronnie Coleman?

Wondering, how tall is Ronnie Coleman? This famous bodybuilder is 5 foot 10 inches tall (178cm).

Early life and Career:

Ronnie Dean Coleman was born 13th May 1964. He is an American bodybuilder who has eight consecutive wins of the Mr.Olympia title. Ronnie Coleman graduated university in 1986 with a degree in accounting. He went on to become a police officer for Texas in 1989 – 2000. After starting to compete in Texas, Ronnie went on to professional bodybuilding. Ronnie has had some amazing success with multiple titles and product endorsements.

Still wondering how tall is Ronnie Coleman? He is 5’10” or 178cm.

Ronnie Coleman Height Comparison

Here is Ronnie with 6 foot 1 inch Arnold Schwarzenegger, as we can see Ronnie is about 3 inches shorter than Arnold.

Ronnie Coleman height


  1. Jay cutler: 172cm
    Phil heath: 174 cm
    Ronnie coleman: 176 cm
    Kai greene: 171 cm

    This is 100% the true height of these guys.

  2. 5ft9 no more… your height listing is off.

  3. You so, so wrong, Arnold is only around 5ft 10 at best, see pictures of him and fil of him with stallone. he max about an inch taller and he is only 5ft 8inch, work it out. Ronnie Coleman is around 5ft 8inch, I also know a guy who knows him and he says the same…

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