Robert Kardashian Height

Robert Kardashian heightHow tall is Robert Kardashian?

This American reality TV star is 5 foot 10.5 inches tall (179cm).

Early Life and Career:

Robert George Kardashian was born March 17 1987 in Los Angeles. His father was trial lawyer Robert Kardashian Sr. Rob is best known for starring with his famous sisters in the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and Khloe and Lamar. He has also made an appearance on Dancing with the Stars and is currently releasing his sock and fashion line.

Still just interested in how tall is Robert Kardashian? He is 5’10.5” tall or 179cm in height. 

Robert Kardashian Height Comparison

Here is an old photo of Rob when he was dating Adrienne Bailon. Adrienne was a very petite girl and is only 4’11’ tall (150cm). Robert has a foot on her in height.

Robert Kardashian height

Here is Rob with 5’2” sister Kim Kardashian. As we can see even with boots on Rob is much taller than his famous sister.

how tall is rob kardashian


  1. i think 5’10” is too much. i would say about 5’9″ atleast on a barefoot measurement kim is only 5’5″ or something and she wears a tall heel boots and still he can’t reach her brother closer AHAHAHAHA good height dude!! OUTSTANDING!

  2. Agree with this height for Rob. Always seems tall with the girls but is only an average height in reality.

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