Richard Hammond Height

Richard Hammond HeightHow tall is Richard Hammond?

This presenter is 5 foot and 6 inches tall or 167cm tall.

Early Life and Career:

Richard Hammond was born on 19 December 1969 in England. He is a TV presenter, journalist and writer. Richard is best know for his role on BBC Top Gear, a car enthusiasts show. Top Gear kicked off in 1988, after a two year break in 2000. Richard Hammond joined the new cast in 2002, with the new and currently successful format. Richard is sometimes referred to as “The Hamster” by his co-workers because of his short stature.  Top Gear has become one of the most watched TV shows on BBC and continued to please audiences by pushing the boundaries of what is possible in motor cars. In 2006 Richard Hammond made international news following a high speed dragster crash while filming. He recovered and was given a heroes welcome back to the show in January 2007. Richard was lucky to be alive

Still just interested in the height of Richard Hammond? He stands at 5’6” tall.

Richard Hammond Height Comparison

Here is the cast of Top gear, as we can see Jeremy Clarkson is the tallest by a fair bit. James May (Left) stands at just under 6 feet tall or 182cm. Richard Hammond, claims 5’7” as his height but we do beleive he is slightly shorter, more likely in the 5’6” range.

Top Gear Height Richard

Here is another photo of Richard, Tom Cruise is 5’7” tall. Richard Hammond is known to claim he is 5’7” also. However, Tom Cruise is much taller here, although Tom is known to use lifts in his shoes for a little help.

Richard Hammond Real height


  1. Why does Richard Hammond lie about his height. He is 155 – 158 if you scale the photos with his co-presenters. 167cm is being generous.

  2. I don’t even think hes taller than Seth green who stands at 5’4″ I’d say their the same height.

  3. He cant be more than 5ft 4. Cruise towers over him yet Hammond is nearer the camera than Cruise.

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