Ray Stevenson Height

Ray Stevenson HeightHow tall is Ray Stevenson?

Wondering, how tall is Ray Stevenson? This actor stands at 6 feet 3.5 inches (192 cm). Ray Stevenson height is above average for a male.

George Raymond Stevenson was born on May 25, 1964 in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, UK. His father was a British pilot in the Royal Air Force, and his mother is Irish. He moved with his family to Lemington, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England in 1972 at the age of eight, and later to Cramlington, Northumberland, where he was raised. He did a few TV films, one of them is The Return of the Native (1994), where he appeared opposite Clive Owen, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Steven Mackintosh.

He also filmed The Theory of Flight (1998) Greenwich Mean Time (1999), Green-Eyed Monster (2001) (TV) and a lot of TV guest roles in series. Finally, he made a international breakout with King Arthur (2004), as quiet, but loyal knight Dagonet, again with Clive Owen (who played Arthur), Keira Knightley, Ioan Gruffudd, Mads Mikkelsen, Ray Winstone and Stellan Skarsgard. After a few more TV films, Stevenson’s popularity started to rise by each film. But, his real fame came with HBO’s “Rome” (2005 – 2007), as funny, but heroically fearless legionary Titus Pullo, opposite Kevin McKidd.

Still wondering, how tall is Ray Stevenson? He is 6 feet 3.5 inches (192 cm).

Ray Stevenson Height Comparison

Here is Ray Stevenson with Toby Stephens who is 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm). As we can see, Ray is taller than Toby.

How tall is Ray Stevenson

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