Randy Quaid Height

Randy Quaid HeightHow tall is Randy Quaid?

Wondering, how tall is Randy Quaid? This actor stands at 6 feet 4.5 inches (194 cm). Randy Quaid height is above average for a male.

Randy Randall Rudy Quaid was born on October 1, 1950 in Houston, Texas, USA. His mother is Juanita Bonniedale (Jordan), a real estate agent, and his father is William Rudy Quaid, an electrician. Randy Quaid is an Academy Award-nominated actor, for his performance in The Last Detail (1973). Quaid is a great and much admired actor that has been recognized by Hollywood and the worlds finest directors, Midnight Exspress, The last Picture Show, Ice Harvest (2005), Real Time (2008), King Carlos in Goya’s Ghosts (2006) for director Milos Forman. Forman cast Quaid as “King Carlos IV of Spain” after seeing his Golden globe nominated performance as The Colonel in Elvis. Quaid also starred in such main stream favorites as Kingpin (1996), Vacation (1983), Christmas Vacation (1989) and Independence day (1996).

Quaid stars in and was nominated for The Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a cast for his work in Brokeback Mountain (2005). His performance in Brokeback Mountain (2005) was listed as one of the New York Observer’s 2005 Noteworthy male performances. In 2009 Randy Quaid Won the Vancouver Critics Award for Best Male performance in the Feature Film Real Time for the Role of Rubin an Australian Hit Man.

Still wondering, how tall is Randy Quaid? He is 6’4.5″ tall or (194 cm).

Randy Quaid Height Comparison

Here is Randy Quaid with Morgan Freeman who is 6 feet 1.75 inches (187 cm). As we can see, Randy is taller than Morgan by about 3 inches.

How tall is Randy Quaid

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