Prince William Height

How tall is Prince WilliamHow tall is Prince William?

Prince William of Wales stands at 6 foot 3 inches or 191cm tall.


William Arthur Philip Louis was  born 21 June 1982, more commonly referred to as Prince William. He is the oldest son of Charles, Prince of Wales. He is second in line for the throne, only behind his father, Prince Charles.

As a child Diana did her best to make sure both Harry and William lead normal lives. His mother did her best to make sure he and his younger brother Harry lead a normal life. Sadly in 1997 Princess Diana died in a car accident. Both William and  Harry continued on their mother charity work in her honor.

Prince William is knowingly associated with many humanitarian and environmental charities. In 2006 both Prince William and little brother Harry supervised rescue and relief work for tsunami victims on behalf of the British Red Cross.

The 6’3” tall Prince is actually a natural athlete who enjoys many sports. He is often photographed playing tennis, skiing, enjoying soccer and polo. Prince William is so good at polo he plays both professionally and for charitable organizations. Given his love of sport Prince William was selected to be President of the England Football Association in 2006.

Still just wondering, how tall is Prince William? He stands at 6 foot 3 inches or 191cm tall

Prince William Height Comparison

Prince William is an inch taller than his younger brother Prince Harry. He is also 4 inches taller than football star David Beckham who is 5’11’ tall.

how tall is prince william

Check out Kate Middleton with Prince William, Kate is a tall girl standing at 5’10” tall (180cm), even with heels on she is slightly shorter than her tall husband.

How Tall Is Kate Middleton


  1. I just love royalty men. they have the height more than 6 feet and they kept their bodies in great shape AHAHAHA most of them are handsome too. thats what a prince should be. atleast 6 feet TALL!

  2. I think he is at least 6.3 because Kate is 5.10 and wares heels and still shorter then him.

  3. solid 191cm. great job!

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