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how tall is princeThere has always been a scandal over the question, how tall is Prince? Prince Height is 5 feet and 2 inches when he is barefoot.

Prince Rogers Nelson, better known as Prince was born on the 7th of June in the year 1958 at the Mt. Saini Hospital, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Prince is a composer, a songwriter, a musician, a multi-instrumentalist, a record producer, an arranger, a dancer and an actor. He can also play several instruments like guitar, vocals, bass guitar, keyboards, piano, synthesizer, percussion, saxophone, clavinet, drums, harmonica and the Linn Drums. His genres are R&B, Funk, rock, pop, new wave, & synthpop.


John L. Nelson is Prince’s father. He was a songwriter & a pianist. Mattie Shaw is Prince’s mother who happened to be a jazz vocalist. The name “Prince” came after the singer’s father, who was known as Prince Rogers that being his stage name. He used to perform along with a jazz band known as the Prince Rogers Trio.

Early Life

Prince has a sister named Tika Evene (frequently called Tyka) and she was born in the year 1960. Prince and his sister were very interested in music; their family always encouraged and supported the two to pursue their dreams. Prince’s first tune was titled “Funk Machine” and he played it on his dad’s piano at a tender age of seven. When he was only 10 years old, his parents separated because of which he constantly switched homes. The talent lived for a while with his dad, and then moved to live with his stepfather.

He later joined a band called the Grand Central with Anderson and Charles Smith while the trio was studying at the Minneapolis’s Central High School. Prince played the guitar and the piano, whereas Smith played the drums. They later gave the band a new name- Champagne and began playing their original music.


Prince released an album titled “For You” in 1978 (April) where he wrote and also performed all the songs, produced, composed, played all twenty-seven instruments on recording!

In 1979 (October), he released the album “Prince” which climbed to the #4 on billboard top R & B/ black album charts, #22 on billboard 200 and soon after went Platinum!

“Dirty Mind” came out in 1980. The mega successful “Purple Rain” came out in 1984 which was followed by a film with the same name. The motion picture won an academy award and made over $80 million in The U.S. alone.

The songs “When Doves Cry”, “Let’s Go Crazy” were one of his biggest hits.

Ever heard of the phrase “all good things come in small packages”? Well, I’m sure now when you wonder how tall is Prince, you’ll realize that this tin package has everything it needs to be a big success!

how tall is Prince? his height is 5’2”(157cm)

How tall is Prince – Prince Height Comparison

Here we can see Prince is clearly a fair bit shorter than 5 foot 7 Mariah.

how tall is prince

Check it out here aswell. Prince is clearly wearing shoes to increase his height and is still much shorter than Mariah.

Prince height revealed

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