Prince Harry Height

How tall is Prince HarryHow tall is Prince Harry?

Wondering, how tall is Prince Harry? Prince Harry of Wales stands at 6 foot 2 inches tall or 187cm tall.


Henry Charles Albert David, more commonly known as Prince Harry, is the youngest son of Charles, Prince of Wales and Lady Diana. He is the fourth grandchild of Queen Elizabeth the Second and is third in line to the throne.

As a child Diana did her best to make sure both Harry and William lead normal lives. His mother did her best to make sure he and his older brother William lead a normal life. Sadly in 1997 Princess Diana died in a car accident.  Harry and William continued on their mother charity work in her honor . Harry has pursued a career in the military following in the footsteps of his father.

How tall is Prince Harry? He stands at 6’2” tall (187cm)

Prince Harry Height Comparison

Prince Harry with his Brother Prince William who is an inch taller at 6 foot 3. In the middle is David Beckham who is just under 6 feet tall. Harry is clearly 2-3 inches taller than David.

how tall is prince harry

Here is Prince Harry with 6 foot 5 inch (196cm) runner Usain Bolt. As we can see Harry is about 3 inches shorter than the tall running star.

Prince Harry with Usain Bolt Height Comparison


  1. Why is it almost or any of the royalty families including men are so tall??? its sure is good thing to know that they are 6 feet. even prince charles is also 6 feet or more. this guy has the royal family blood and the height too he isn’t fat either AHAHAHAHA!

  2. Agree with 6 foot 2. Perfect height!

  3. 190cm is his height. He is an inch taller than listed here.

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