Pete Wentz Height

Pete Wentz HeightHow tall is Pete Wentz?

Wondering, how tall is Pete Wentz? He stands at 5 foot 6 inches tall or 168cm.

Early Life and Career:

Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz 111 was born 5th June 1979 in Illinois. He is best known as the bassist and lyricist for the American punk rock band Fall Out Boy.

Since the announcement of the fallout boy hiatus in 2009, he started his own record label and has signed bands such as Panic at the Disco and Gym Class Hereos.

Still just wondering what is Pete Wentz Height? He is 5’6” tall or 168cm.

Pete Wentz Height Comparison

Here is Pete with 5 foot 5 inch ex wife Ashlee Simpson. As we can see with her heels on she is a bit taller. Without her heels she is just one inch shorter.

Pete wentz height

Here is Pete Wentz with girlfriend, as we can see he is a few inches shorter.

Pete wentz height short


  1. He looks to be about 5’1. He looks very short

  2. 165-166 cm? 5’5″.

  3. Looks about 2 inches shorter than his Chicago fella Kanye West who is listed at 5’8″.

  4. Not the full 5 foot 6. More like 5 foot 5 is a fair height for him.

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