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Paula Maxine Patton, born on 5 December 1975 in Los Angeles, California, is an American actress. She is best known for her roles in films, like Déjà Vu (2006), Precious (2009), Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011) 2 Guns (2013) and Warcraft (2016).

Paula Patton made her film debut in 2005 with a small part in the romantic comedy Hitch. She landed her breakout role in 2006 when she was cast as the lead actor in the science fiction thriller film Déjà Vu. On television, she has only appeared in an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (2010) and two episodes of Single Ladies (2012).

In addition to her acting work, Paula Patton has worked as a singer. She provided additional vocals on Usher’s 2004 album Confessions, and on the song Can U Handle It? by Robin Thicke. She has also written several other songs for Robin Thicke.

Paula Patton Personal Details

  • Born Name: Paula Maxine Patton
  • Age (in 2017): 42
  • Date of Birth: December 5, 1975
  • Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Occupation: Actress
  • Net worth: 3 Million
  • Official Website:
  • Official Twitter: @PaulaPattonXO

Paula Patton Family Tree

  • Husband name: Robin Thicke (Divorced)
  • Children:
    • Boy: Julian Fuego
  • Father name: Charles Patton
  • Mother name: Joyce Patton (née Vanraden)

Paula Patton Relationship History

Below is the relationship and dating history for Paula Patton with her past and current boyfriend details.

Paula Patton dated:

  • Robin Thicke (October 1993-February 2014) – Paula Patton married American singer Robin Thicke on 11 June 2005. They have one child together. The couple separated in February 2014. Paula Patton filed for divorce on 8 October 2014, and the divorce was finalized on 20 March 2015.

Paula Patton Body Measurements, Weight Loss, Diet and Exercise Routine

paula patton Height

Paula Patton Body Measurements

  • Height in Feet: 5′ 7″
  • Height in Centimeters: 170 cm
  • Weight in Pounds: 125 pounds
  • Weight in Kilogram: 56.7 kg
  • Body Measurements in Inches: 34-23-35 inches
  • Body Measurements in Centimeters: 86-58-89 cm


Paula Patton eats chicken, fish and turkey as sources of protein. She eats very little beef and does not eat pork.

Workout Routine

Paula Patton is a fan of the CrossFit workout, which combines strength training and cardio with short rest intervals. When working out with her trainer, she starts her workout routine by warming up with a two-mile run (either on a treadmill or outside), followed by lots of kicks and squats with five-pound dumbbells. She also does pushups, planks and floor ab workouts to keep her core lean and toned.

Weight Loss

While still pregnant, Paula Patton did yoga, Pilates, hiking and power walking. This enabled her to lose the baby weight quicker after giving birth. Five months after the birth of her baby she was expected to be in excellent shape for her role in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

Training Routine

In order to get into shape for her role in the film Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Paula Patton underwent a rigorous training routine. This included five weeks yoga, Pilates and sculpting with her personal trainer. She also worked extensively with stunt coordinators from the film to practice fight scenes (various styles of boxing, kickboxing and capoeira) and martial arts. She trained for two and a half hours daily, six days a week.

Meal Plan

Along with her training for the film Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Paula Patton followed the following meal plan:

  • Breakfast: vegetable egg-white omelet with sauteed spinach and lemon, and green tea with lemon and honey
  • Snack: grapefruit
  • Lunch: turkey, lettuce, tomato and mustard sandwich on whole-wheat bread with a side salad, and green juice (made with three handfuls of spinach, one apple, half a lemon, half a thumb size of ginger, one cup of ice and water)
  • Snack: cucumber, tomato and feta salad with olive oil and lemon, and hummus with carrots and celery
  • Dinner: lemon and garlic wild salmon with corn and asparagus

Personal Trainer

Jeanette Jenkins

Paula Patton Fun Facts

Paula Patton Quotes

“Making African American films are hard in Hollywood. We need to rely on a support network and bring more cohesion to different filmmakers, actors, producers etc. It’s a very difficult business. There aren’t a lot of Africans Americans or people of color in high positions in Hollywood that we can green-light films.”

“I try not to have too many opinions; I just marvel at the world we live in.”

“A movie is painting, it’s photography, it’s literature – because you have to have the screenplay – it’s music. Put a different soundtrack to a comedy and it’s a tragedy. A movie combines all those forms and forces you to pay attention for two hours with a group of people.”

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