Patrick Stump Height

Patrick Stump HeightHow tall is Patrick Stump?

Wondering, how tall is Patrick Stump? This Fall Out Boy singer is actually a very small guy. He stands at just 5 foot 4 inches tall or 163cm in height.

Early Life and Career:

Patrick Vaughn Stump was born 27th April 1984 in Chicago. He is an American musician, record producer. Patrick is most well known for being the lead singer and lead guitarist of Fall Out Boy, an American punk rock band.

When Patrick joined Fall Out Boy he had never sung in a band before. He formed the band with Joe Trohman and Pete Wentz.  Both of whom were active in Chicago’s hardcore scene.

Still just interested in the height of Patrick Stump? He is 5’4” tall 163cm.

Patrick Stump Height Comparison

Here is a photo of Patrick and Pete Wentz, Pete is 5 foot 6 inches and as we can see he is two inches taller.

Patrick Stump height short

Here is Patrick Stump with band mate Pete Wentz, Pete is 5 foot 6 inches (168cm), he stands two inches taller than Patrick. Next to them is the gorgeous Brooke Burke who is 5 foot 7 tall.

Patrick Stump Height


  1. nahhh he is definitely 5’4″ and no doubt that pete is 5’6″ all of the members of the fall out boy never reached more than 6 feet AHAHAHA! good singer and good band though but they could atleast get a bit of height THERE!

  2. Could be 5’4 and a half actually. Doesn’t look much shorter in height than the rest of his band mates. He doesn’t seem out of the ordinary in height to me anyways.

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