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patricia clarkson HeightHow tall is Patricia Clarkson?

Wondering, how tall is Patricia Clarkson? This actress stands at 5 feet 4.5 inches (164 cm). Patricia Clarkson height is average for a female.

Patricia Davies Clarkson was born on December 29, 1959 in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. She is the daughter of Arthur (“Buzz”) Clarkson, a school administrator, and Jacquelyn (Brechtel) Clarkson, a local city politician and councilwoman. Known for her organic approach to acting, the flaxen-maned actress decided to try out her trademark whiskey voice in Hollywood at age 28, making her movie debut as Mrs. Eliot Ness in Brian De Palma’s The Untouchables (1987) starring Kevin Costner. The following years she gained attention for playing Samantha Walker in The Dead Pool (1988) where she starred opposite Clint Eastwood’s popular “Dirty Harry” character.

On TV Patricia received two Emmys for her recurring guest part as Frances Conroy’s free-spirited sister in the acclaimed black comedy series Six Feet Under (2001). She also received the New York Film Critics Circle and the National Society of Film Critics awards for her supporting work in the gorgeous, 1950s-styled melodrama Far from Heaven (2002), as a prim and proper Stepford-wife and deceptive friend to Julianne Moore. No matter the size, such as her extended cameos in The Green Mile (1999), All the Real Girls (2003), Miracle (2004) and Elegy (2008).

Still wondering, how tall is Patricia Clarkson? She is 5’4.5″ tall or (164 cm).

Patricia Clarkson Height Comparison

Here is Patricia Clarkson with Justin Timberlake who is 5 feet 11.5 inches (182 cm). As we can see, Justin is taller than Patricia by about 7 inches.

how tall is patricia clarkson

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