Miranda Kerr Height

miranda kerr heightHow tall is Miranda Kerr?

Wondering, how tall is Miranda Kerr? This beautiful model stands at 5’9” tall (175cm).

Early Life and Career:

Miranda was born in Sydney Australia, she was raised in a very small town called Gunnedah. Miranda initially wanted to be a nutritionist and studied towards this after her high school graduation. She began modeling for runway and print advertisements including Dolly, Billabong Girls and then was discovered as a Victoria Secret Model.

Miranda met Orlando Bloom, famous for his roles in the Lord of the Rings. They married in July 2010 and have a son born in January 2011. For more on Miranda’s life and career check out her Biography here.

Still just wondering how tall is Miranda Kerr? Miranda Kerr Height is 5’9” or 175cm.

Miranda Kerr Height Comparison

Here is Miranda walking with hubby Orlando Bloom. Orlando stands at 5’10” (178cm). As we can see he is 2 inches taller than Miranda.

how tall is miranda kerr

Here is Miranda with Heidi Klum (middle). Heidi is 5’9” tall and as we can see both girls are the same height.

how tall is Miranda Kerr


  1. orlado blooms wife is really gorgeous and unique too. fit to be a model with that kind of height. love her smile and her body figure too. its really true orlando is 5’10 or 5’10.5″ atleast. not bad and they are a cute couple LOL!

  2. orlando blooms wife is so gorgeous i like her eyes. but mostly i liker her height. looking at the picture it seems that orlando is a bit taller than 3 inches. but taking a closer look its just orlando’s hair that is 1 inch tall AHAHAHAHA!

  3. She seems to be taller than 5ft 7.5in model Cara Delevingne. 5ft 9in or 175cm for Miranda Kerr is quite right for her height.

  4. She is so beautiful with that height.

  5. Miranda Kerr is 173, 174, maybe a weak 175 cm…So, 5ft 8.5in would be more accurate listing for her height

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