Miley Cyrus Height

how tall is miley cyrusHow tall is Miley Curus?

Ever wondered, how tall is Miley Cyrus? Miley Cyrus height is 5 feet 4 inches and she weighs about 104 pounds.

Miley birthplace happens to be Nashville, Tennessee; she was a little girl when she started her career. The 1st role happened to be on Miley’s dad’s Toronto-based show titled “Doc”. The next movie appearance was in a film titled “Big Fish”. After which Miley was chosen to play the lead role for the Disney Channel sequence, “Hannah Montana”. At that time she was only 12 years old. Hannah Montana became a huge hit and it helped launching her career as an actor plus and recording artist. Miley’s debut album (for The Hannah Montana series) reached the #1 slot on Billboard Hot 200. After her debut, she did release two solo albums. It was in the year of 2011 that “Hannah Montana” completed its 4th and final season.


Miley Ray Cyrus was born under the name of Destiny Hope Cyrus on the 23rd of November in the year 1992. At a very young age, she became a pop songwriter, singer and a successful actor. She has achieved wide recognition for her character as Miley Stewart (Hannah Montana) in the Disney Channel series titled “Hannah Montana”. In the year 2006, Miley recorded several songs for the official Hannah Montana soundtrack, followed by Hannah Montana part 2, also called “Meet Miley Cyrus” in the year 2007. The young celebrity successfully established herself as the teen idol and then moved on to making a solo career. In July 2008, Miley released her 1st ever solo album titled “Breakout”.

In the year 1992, Letitia Jean and Billy Ray Cyrus (a country singer) were blessed with a baby girl who they named Destiny Hope as they believed their baby girl would, in her lifetime, achieve great things! This little girl’s nickname soon became “Smiley” for she was always smiles and happiness. Later Smiley was shortened to what the world now recognizes as- Miley! For more on Miley check out her Biography here.

So for all you Hannah Montana fans out there- now you know everything about your favorite star, including how tall is Miley Cyrus!

Miley Cyrus height is 5’4″(165cm)

Miley Cyrus Height Comparison

Miley is clearly significantly shorter than boyfriend Liam Hemsworth who stands at 6 feet 3 inches.

miley cyrus height with Liam Hemsworth

Miley with heels standing next to her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus. Billy is nearly 6 foot tall and Miley (even in heels) is far shorter.

how tall is miley cyrus


  1. Miley looked as tall as Katy Perry at the Grammy’s. I believe 5’6 height for Miley.

  2. I think she is 5’5.5 – 5’6. I never saw a full 10 inches between her and 6’3 Hemsworth.

  3. Can look taller because of her long legs and small torso. Weak 5’5″.

  4. She is leggy girl. She also can’t be under 5’6 because that is too damn short to look as tall as she can.

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