Mila Kunis Height

mila kunis heightHow tall is Mila Kunis?

Wondering how tall is Mila Kunis? This gorgeous star stands at only 5’4” or 163cm. Recently named one of the sexiest women in the world, Mila is one star to watch.

Early life and Career:

Mila Kunis was born in Ukraine. After moving to the US she got her big break in “That 70’s Show” (1998) along side Ashton Kutcher, where she skyrocketed to fame. When the TV show finally finished up Mila showed the world that she was much more than a TV actress and moved onto films. Her breakthrough film role was in Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) where she played the free-spirited love interest. After this success she moved onto The Book of Eli in 2010, Black Swan also 2010, then Friends with Benefits in 2011 and Ted in 2012. For more in Mila’s TV and Film career, check out her IMDB page here

Still just interested in how tall is Mila Kunis? She stands at 5 feet 4 inches tall or 163cm. 

Mila Kunis Height Comparison

Here is Mila with Macaulay Calkin. Macaulay stands at 5’5” tall and as we can see he is just one inch taller than Mila.

how tall is mila kunis

Here is Mila with Ashton Kutcher. Ashton is a tall guy standing at 6’2” tall. As we can see by the below photo it is clear that Asthon nearly has a whole foot on Mila.

how tall is mila kunis


  1. She does look about 5’2 but I’m willing to believe she is 5’3 with “short” proportions. She may even be 5’4” as she claims but since celebs lie about their heights all the time…

  2. Height is an illusion. Natalie Portman is 5’3” if you look at pictures of Mila and her together you could tell that she is a bit taller than her. I think Mila is above 5’3 and slightly below 5’4”, maybe if she stands straight up and really stretches her posture it will elongate her making her barely hit 5’4”. It’s puzzling because not everybody looks their height. I’m 5’3 and people think I’m taller. She has a quite weird body but super hot.

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