Michelle Obama Height

Michelle Obama heightHow tall is Michelle Obama?

The 44th first lady stands at an 5’11” tall (180cm). She is surprisingly tall.

Early Life and Career:

Michelle Obama was born 17 January, 1964 in Chicago. Michele went to Princeton University, then followed with a law degree from the prestigious Harvard Law School in 1988. Following school she started working at a Chicago law firm, it was here were she met her husband President Barack Obama. The two married in 1992. Michele is the 44th first lady of the US. Her attention is focused on issues such as support for Military families, helping women with balance between career and family, encouraging national service.

Michelle and Barack Obama have always stated their personal priorities are for their two daughters, Malia and Sasha. Michelle realized that the move from Chicago to Washington was a major adjustment for the whole family.Living in the white house and having secret service protection is a major adjustment. It is said that “My first priority will always be to make sure that our girls are healthy and grounded,” Michelle said. “Then I want to help other families get the support they need, not just to survive, but to thrive.”

Still just interested in how tall is Michelle Obama? She stands at 5’11” tall or 180cm tall. 

Michelle Obama Height Comparison

Here we can see Barack Obama is 2 inches taller than his wife, Michelle Obama who is 5’11”. Also both Barack and Michelle are significantly taller than France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy who is rumored to be as short as 5’5”.

how tall is Michelle obama

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  1. Very tall for a women anyway. She is nearly the same height as Barack and he is a tall guy.

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