Michael Cera Height

Michael Cera HeightHow tall is Michael Cera?

This famous skinny comedy actor is 5 foot 9 inches tall or 175cm.

Early Life and Career:

Michael Cera was born 7 June 1988 in Ontario, Canada. He is the middle child with two sisters. His career opportunity came with the Fox series hit, Arrested Development which won six Emmy’s and 2 Golden Globes. In 2007 Cera got his big movie break in the cult hit Super Bad. This comedy hit made him a house hold name and also shot friend, Jonah Hill to fame.That same year, Cera got involved with another big hit called Juno, about teenage pregnancy. ¬†Other movies include Year One in 2009 with Jack black. Cera is one comedy actor that is making headlights in his career.

Still just interested in how tall is Michael Cera? He is 5 foot 9 inches tall (175cm)

Michael Cera Height Comparison

Here is Michael Cera with 5 foot 6 inch Jack Black. As we can see Michael is about 3 inches taller than Jack.

Michael Cera height


  1. come on… really? he is 5 feet 9 inches? so jack black is around 5’7″???? though they had the same footwear LOL im guessing this guy is around 5’7″ inches coz jack black is only 5’5″ so that is a real fact there LOL!

  2. Looks like a solid 5’9″ guy, 175 cm probably spot on.

  3. 5 foot 9 seems about the right height for him. Skinny but average height.

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