Mel Gibson Height

Mel Gibson HeightHow tall is Mel Gibson? 

Mel Gibson is just 178cm tall or 5 foot 10 inches, he is right on the average height of a male.

A-list actor turned A-list producer, Mel Gibson is an artist to reckon with. His standout portrayal in ‘Brave Heart’, which he also produced made him seem taller than he is in real life.


Mel Gibson was born in the 3rd of January year 1956. His mom, Anne Patricia is an Irish while his father is an American with English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish ancestry. Mel is then an Irish and an American citizen. He had to move with his parents, Hutton Gibson and Anne Patricia née Reilly—deceased—to Sydney, Australia when he was 12 years old. It was in his new environment that he found his passion to acting and thus studied at the Australian National Institute of Dramatic Art.

Mel Gibson has been known as an action hero in the 80’s Mad Max series but did not stop there. He then soon founded the Icon Entertainment where he was able to integrate his talents in acting, screen writing and film direction in one. It is in this institution that the Academy Award-winning Brave Heart had been produced as well as the globally successful Passion of the Christ. His production company had then become the “alternative to studio system” as coined by Atom Egoyan, an indie film director. For more on Mel Gibsons career: Check out his IMDB and find out about more of his work.

How tall is Mel Gibson? He is larger than life now, and stands 178cm or 5 foot and 10 inches in height. 

Mel Gibson Height Comparison

Here is Mel with 5 foot 10 inch Nichole Kidman. As we can see Nichole is taller with heels on, but flat foot both stars are a very similar height.

Mel Gibson Height

Here is Mel Gibson with 6’2” tall Gerard Butler, as we can see he is about 4 inches shorter.

How tall is Mel Gibson


  1. yeah seen that kind of information before and he even mentioned on some interviews that he is 5’9″ its all over the internet. majority of the information is 5’9″ and nothing else. a good actor with a fit body and a good set of HEIGHT!

  2. Mel Gibson height is 5ft 9.75in (177 cm)

  3. 176cm-177cm range is about right for his height.

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