Megan Fox Height

how tall is megan foxHow tall is Megan Fox?

This sexy star is 5’4” tall or 163cm. He long legs and thin figure certainly do make this beauty seem a lot taller but Megan is actually only average height.

Early Life and Career:

Megan Fox was born 16 May, 1986 in Tennessee. Megan was a teenage model and after winning a few small awards she decided to drop out of high school and move to LA to make it big in films. Her break in role was in Holiday in the Son along side the Olsen twins. However, Megan didn’t make it big until she landed the leading lady in blockbuster movie Transformers, along side Shia Lebouf. Megan was controversially dropped from the third transformers film, following a disagreement with the director who soon cut her out of the franchise.

Still just interested in how tall is Megan Fox? Megan Fox Height is 5’4” tall or 163cm. 

Megan Fox Height Comparison

Here is megan with co-star Shia Lebouf. Shia is 5’9” tall or 175cm, even at his average height he is still significantly taller than Megan, proving she is in fact a shorty. Megan with heels is still shorter than him.

megan fox height


  1. She has such a good body that it can fool you, she could look tall or petite. 5’4” is a good guess at her real height.

  2. OK, she’s wearing 4 inch heels, he is wearing flats. She should be within 2 inches of his height and she’s still more like 4 or 5 shorter. I think she’s fibbing about the 5’4″, more like 5’2″.

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