Meek Mill Height

meek mill heightHow tall is Meek Mill?

This American rapper stands at 6 foot 1 inches tall (185cm). Meek Mill is just over 6 feet in height.

Early Life and Career:

Meek Mill’s real name is Robert Williams. He was born May 6th 1987 in Philadelphia. Meek is a rapper and hip hop artists. He was briefly signed with T.I. however, he moved to Miami based rapper Rick Ross’s label Maybach Music Group in 2011. Meek has had success with his debut album Dreams and Nightmares in 2012. This album was at number 2 in the Billboard 200 and had singles such as Amen and Burn that hit popularity.

Still just interested in how tall is Meek Mill? He is 6’1′ tall or 185cm in height

Meek Mill Height Comparison

Here is Meek with Rick Ross. Rick is 6 foot in height and as we can see Meek is slightly taller than him.

Meek Mill Height


  1. Both Meek and J. Cole are the same height as NBA player Derrick Rose. Who is listed on draft express as 6’3 with shoes and around 6’2 without shoes. One could probably estimate how tall Meek is from those stats.

  2. I met meek last night and I’m 6 and he was at minimum 2 inches taller than me .. he’s gotta be 6’3″ no less than 6’2″

  3. Jay-z is about or around 6’2 and in pictures with Meek Mill, meek Mill is a half inch taller than
    Jay. Which makes Meek around 6’2 or 6’3

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