Marnie Simpson Height

Marnie Simpson HeightHow tall is Marnie Simpson?

Wondering, how tall is Marnie Simpson from Geordie Shore? Marnie is average height for a U.K. female she stands at 5 foot and 4 inches tall (163cm).

Marnie Simpson is the cousin of Sophie Kasaei, one of the original cast members of the TV show. Marnie has featured as a love interest for both Gary and Scott and has caused some friction in the house. 

Still just interested in Marnie Simpson’s height? She is 5’4” tall.

Marnie Simpson Height Comparison

Check out Marnie here, she is just an inch shorter than both Vicky Pattison and Charlotte Crosby, with heels on the height difference is hard to spot.

Marnie Simpson height

With heels on she is nearly the same height as 5 foot 8.5 James Tindale.

How tall is Marnie Geordie Shore


  1. others say that marnie is 5’7″ ahahaha to be honest he is only 5’4″ she just loves to wear high heels footwear. she is infact sexy and busty too. it would be awesome if she is ACTUALLY 5’7″ that would be GORGEOUS!

  2. AHAHAHAHA everytime i see her its like she always wears footwear with heels just to compensate with the height of other people. well there is nothing wrong with it but atleast she could show the world that no matter how short she is it doesn’t matter, she had the looks though. LOL!

  3. She looks around 5’5, 5’6

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