Mariah Carey Height

How tall is Mariah CareyHow tall is Mariah Carey?

This gorgeous American pop singer-songwriter, actress and record producer is 5 foot and 7 inches tall (170cm).

Early life  and Career:

Mariah Carey was born 27 March 1969 in Ney York. Her father, Alfred Roy was of African American decent and her mother, Patricia Hickey was of white Irish descent. The combination of the two giving Mariah her golden skin.

Mariah Carey has had an amazing career so far. She is famous manly for her singing success and powerful vocal ability. However, Mariah is also a songwriter, record producer, actress and philanthropist. Mariah’s first self titled debut album was released in 1990, under the guidance of Columbia Records. Her first album went multi-platinum¬†and had four number one singles in the US Billboard Hot 100 Charts, kick-starting Mariah’s career and turning her into a superstar at a very young age.

With her career now spanning over 20 years. Mariah has sold more than 200 million records worldwide. This makes her one of the top selling music artists of all time. Mariah was named best selling female artist of the millennium on 2000. According to the Recording Industry Association of America, Mariah is the third best selling female artist in the United States, she has ad 63.5 million certified album sales. Further to this in 2008 Mariah gained her eighteenth number one single in the US with “touch my body”. Carey has also won five Grammy Awards and 17 World Music Awards.

Still just interested in how tall is Mariah Carey? Mariah’s height is 5’7” or 170cm tall.

Mariah Carey Height Comparison

Here is Mariah with Husband Nick Cannon. Nick is just under 6 feet tall. As we can see even with 4 inch heels on Mariah is still shorter than Nick.

how tall is mariah carey

Here we have Mariah and the cast of American Idol. As we can see Mariah is standing next to Ryan Seacrest. Ryan is know as below average height and stands at 5’7.5” tall. Mariah in this photo is the same height as Ryan and she has much higher shoes on. Many believe Mariah to be 5’9” tall. However, as we can see this is clearly false. Mariah is much more likely to be only 5’7” tall.

how tall is mariah carey


  1. MC is between 5’7″ & 5’8″ and weighs close to 160 lbs which is just about perfect.

  2. she’s almost as tall as Serena Williams who is 5’9″.Check out Serena’s instagram post with Mariah at the elusive chanteuse concert. Mariah is probably 5’7″

  3. Mariah is 5’9 i met her in person and i’m 5’8 she is taller than me .

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