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Margaret ChoHow tall is Margaret Cho?

Wondering, how tall is Margaret Cho? This song writer and an actress stands at 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm). Margaret Cho height is average for a female.

Margaret Moran Cho was born on Dec. 5, 1968 and raised in San Francisco. She moved to Los Angeles in the early ’90s and, still in her early twenties, hit the college circuit, where she immediately became the most booked act in the market and garnered a nomination for “Campus Comedian of The Year.” She performed over 300 concerts within two years. Arsenio Hall introduced her to late night audiences, Bob Hope put her on a prime time special and, seemingly overnight, Margaret Cho became a national celebrity.

In 2009 Margaret nabbed a starring role in the comedy/drama series Drop Dead Diva, airing on Lifetime. Margaret enjoys being part of a team, and not necessarily having the sole responsibility for keeping things afloat. In 2010 culminated with another high honor, a second Grammy Award nomination for Comedy Album of the Year for Cho Dependent, her incredibly funny collection of music featuring collaborations with Fiona Apple, Andrew Bird, Grant Lee Phillips, Tegan & Sara, Ben Lee and more. In 2011, Margaret released the live concert film of Cho Dependent, which also had its cable network debut on Showtime.Margaret is currently filming the sixth and final season on Drop Dead Diva. Cho returns as “Teri” Girl Friday to Brooke Elliott’s “Jane Bingham,” whose body is inhabited by the soul of a vapid model sent back to earth after Heaven judges her as a “zero-zero” for having committed no good and no bad deeds. In 2014, Margaret filmed a pilot for FOX and was thrilled to be working with Tina Fey and the producing team from 30 Rock.

Still wondering, how tall is Margaret Cho? She is 5’5″ tall or (165 cm).

Margaret Cho Height Comparison

Here is Margaret Cho with Ru Paul who is 6 feet 4 inches (193 cm). As we can see, Ru Paul is taller than Margaret by about 11 inches.

How tall is Margaret Cho

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