Madonna Height

how tall is madonnaHow tall is Madonna?

This singer/songwriter stands at 5’3” tall or 160cm tall.

Madonna was named wealthiest female musician by Forbes Magazine in 2008, highlighting this 80’s pop stars tremendous success. Madonnas distinct fashion sense which included fishnet stockings, lace, and finger-less gloves.

Early Life and Career:

Madonna was born in Michigan on 16th August 1958. in 1981, Madonna took on the male dominated music seen with song “Everybody”, this hit number one on the dance charts in 1982. Madonna used this to leverage a full length album, self titled, Madonna, in 1983. The album had the hits including: “Borderline, “lucky Star and ” Holiday”. Madonna followed her success up with her 1985 album, Like a Virgin, which hit number one on the Billboard Charts.

Today Madonna’s professional life continues to boom, Madonna constantly thinks of ways to re-invent herself and stay relevant. Madonna’s estimated earnings of more than $72 million in the year 2008 alone by Forbes Magazine.  Madonna continues to sing, act and manager her business. In 2009, she released a third greatest hits album, Celebration, which became Madonna’s eleventh No. 1 album in the U.K.. This made Madonna tied with Elvis Presley as the top selling solo act. For more on Madonna’s biography check out her Wiki here.

How tall is Madonna? she stands at 5’3” tall or 160cm.

Madonna Height Comparison

Here is Madonna next to Britney Spears. Britney is 5’4” tall, as we can see both ladies have very similar shoes on and are clearly a similar height.

how tall is madonna


  1. incredible that he reached 5’3″ for what i know shes only 5’2″ AHAHAHA and if u compare her to ariana grande they had almost the same height but madonna a bit taller LOL!

  2. Madonna has to be 5’5″.

  3. She is 5ft 3.5in which is pretty much average height for a woman.

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