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How tall is mac millerHow tall is Mac Miller?

Looking to find out, how tall is Mac Miller? Mac Millers height is 5’7″ 170cm tall.


Born on January 19, 1992, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Mac’s father was an architect and his mother was a photographer. What is more interesting is that his dad is a Christian but his mom is a Jewish. In the end the future MC was raised in the Jewish traditions and even had his “coming of age” – Bar Mitzvah ritual. Taylor Allderdice was the High School that Mr. McCormick attended. Mac confesses that once he turned 15 he took rapping seriously and all the other things he was involved had to be postponed.


“The Jukebox: Prelude to Class Clown” was released in 2009 and then “The High Life” was also released during the same year. Benjy Grinberg, President of Rostrum had known Mac Miller for some time as he would usually record at ID Labs studio. At that time, no interest was taken by him until he started working on the mix tape K.I.D.S. where Grinberg started noticing a maturity coming into his voice as well as his approach to the music field. Different companies doing recordings attracted his interest, but for him his first choice was Rostrum, being the home of Wiz Khalifa.

Mac Miller traveled on his “Incredibly Dope Tour” to Europe across the U.S. visiting cities such as Amsterdam, London, and Manchester etc. “I Love Life, Thank You” – a mix tape of 13 was released by the young hip hop artist on October 14, 2011. On the Billboard 200, “Blue Slide Park” debuted at number 1 in November of 2011 with a sale of 144,000 copies in the first week alone. 2010 saw the rapper winning two awards at the Hip-Hop awards in Pittsburgh. For more on his Biography and Career visit his Wiki here.

Still just want to know how tall is Mac Miller? He is 5’7” or 170cm tall.

Mac Miller Height Comparison

Mac next to Wiz who is 6’4”. As you can see Mac is below average height and looks tiny next to Wiz.

how tall is mac miller

Here is Mac with 5’9” (175cm) Pharrell. Mac is leaning forwards but it is clear he is a few inches shorter than Pharrell.

Height of Rapper Mac Miller

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  1. He is very short for a guy.

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