Louis Tomlinson Height

How tall is Louis TomlinsonHow tall is Louis Tomlinson?

Louis Tomlinson is one of the band members of One Direction. Louis Tomlinson height is 5 foot 9 in or 175cm.

Early Life and Career:

Louis was born December 24, 1991. Louis was born in Doncaster, England. His father is Troy Tomlinson and his mother is Johanna. Louis’s parents split when he was young. His mother then remarried. Louis has four younger 5 younger sisters.

One Direction was able to rise to fame through their participation in the popular competition show, “The X Factor.” They were able to make it through the first few rounds of the competition and were put together as a collaborative act instead of several solo artists. Through this collaboration, they were able to take the third place on this show. Although they were only third their popularity with the young female crowd escalated them into superstar-dim.

Louise is famous for his trademark suspenders and great fashion sense.

Louis Tomlinson height is 5 ft 9 in or 175 cm

Louis Tomlinson Height Comparison

As we can see Louis is one of the taller members of the group One Direction. He is an inch shorter than Harry Styles who is 5’10” tall. How tall is Louis Tomlinson? Average height for a male.

how tall is louis tomlinson

Here is Louis with Eleanor Calder. Eleanor is 5’8” tall and as we can see Louis is just one inch taller. Confirming his height as 5’9” taller.

how tall is louis tomlinson


  1. his father is Troy Austin, but he took the name of Mark Tomlinson, his mothers first husband

  2. I would say no more than 5″8 height for Louis.

  3. 5’7″ definitely.

  4. Is he really taller than Zayn? I know he’s only listed a quarter-inch taller, but is he taller, at all?

  5. Saw a video on vine where he claimed 5’9 but he definitely looked around 5’7

  6. Same height as me, just average 🙂

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