Liam Payne Height

How tall is Liam PayneHow tall is Liam Payne?

Laim Payne is one of the band members of One Direction. Liam Payne height is 5 foot 9 inches tall or 175cm.

Early life and Career:

Liam James Payne (born August 29, 1993). Liam was born in Wolverhampton, England. His father is Geoff Payne and Mother is Karen Payne. Liam has two older Sisters, Nicola and Ruth. Liam was born three weeks early and as a result he had alot of health issues when he was younger. He actually spend the first 4 years of life in and out of hospital. Liam from age of 6 showed signs of a singing talent. He was also a member of the Athletic Club in Woverhampton and dreamed of becoming an Olympic runner. Liam is one of the young heart throbs in band One Direction.

One Direction was able to rise to fame through their participation in the popular competition show, “The X Factor.” They were able to make it through the first few rounds of the competition and were put together as a collaborative act instead of several solo artists. Through this collaboration, they were able to take the third place on this show. Although they were only third their popularity with the young female crowd escalated them into superstar-dim.

Liam Payne height is 5 ft 9 in or 175 cm

Liam Payne Height Comparison

As we can see Liam is slightly shorter than Harry Styles, the tallest member of the group. Harry is 5’10” an inch taller than Liam.

how tall is liam payne

Here we have Liam with ex-Girlfriend Danielle Peazer. Danielle is a professional dancer and model. She is 5’7” tall. As we can see Liam is a few inches taller than Danielle. Both are in flat shoes so it is a fair height comparison.

how tall is liam payne


  1. I would say Liam is a good 5’9.25”. He looks average height, and he maintains it all the time. His height isn’t all over the place like Harry’s (Lift wearer).

  2. One Direction are hilarious with their height claims, they make Tom Cruise look honest…

  3. He is 5’11”

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