Liam Hemsworth Height

liam hemsworth heightHow tall is Liam Hemsworth?

Wondering how tall is Liam Hemsworth? This Australian actor stands at 6’3” tall or 191cm. Liam is a very tall guy.

Early Life and Career:

Liam was born 13/01/1990 in Melbourne, Australia. Liam starred in the Ozzy soap Neighbours before moving to the US to pursue bigger roles. Not longer after he arrived he landed the film The Last Song (2010) along side Miley Cyrus. Other work he has been involved in includes: The Hunger Games, The Expendables 2 and Catching Fire.

Still just interested in how tall is Liam Hemsworth? He stands at 6 foot 3 inches tall or 191cm. 

Liam Hemsworth Height Comparison

Here is brothers Liam and Chris Hemsworth, As we can see both brothers are the same height standing at 6’3” tall.

how tall is liam hemsworth

Here he is with 5’4” Miley Cyrus. As we can see Liam is much taller, nearly a foot taller in fact.

how tall is liam hemsworth

Here is Liam with the cast of Hunger Games, Liam towers over fellow male star Josh Hutcherson, who is only 5’5” tall.

liam hemsworth height


  1. I think he could pass for 6ft4 but he claims to be 6ft3. So we will go with the height he said.

  2. Upgrade him to 6’3.25-6’3.5. He has half an inch of height on his brother.

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