Leonardo DiCaprio Height

How tall is Leonardo DiCaprioHow tall is Leonardo DiCaprio?

Leonardo DiCaprio height is 5’11” tall or 180cm.

The legendary actor has stared in over 30 movies and without a doubt is most famous for his role in the 1997 blockbuster “Titanic”.


Los Angeles, California in 1974 on the 11th of November is the place and time in which Leonardo DiCaprio was born. The celebrity extraordinary career started off with a number of advertisements as well as instructional films. Immediately after being dismissed from the set of the kid’s TV series “Romper Room” as being problematic, DiCaprio copied his more mature stepbrother and tried his luck with TV ads, getting a commercial act intended for Matchbox toys at fifteen. During 1990, the gifted actor got his crack on prime time the moment he was chosen to take part in the unsuccessful TV series “Parenthood”. in 1997 “Titanic” hit the screen and made Leonardo a household name. Following this, Leo has starred in a mutitude of other films, check out his IMDB here for more info.

Leonardo DiCaprio height is 5’11″(180cm)

Leonardo DiCaprio Height Comparison

Leo with the cast of Dejango Unchained below. Jamie fox is 5’9” tall and as we can see Leo has 2 inches on him.

leonardo dicaprio Height


  1. Leo is barely 6′ wearing shoes as we can see from the Wolf Of Wall Street. He’s 5 foot 11 tall guys.

  2. Leo looks a lot more 5’11 than 6′. But, occasionally he looks to be quite tall. But, I think he is actually around 180. Because if you look at pics of Tobey Maguire and Leo on the Great Gatsby set. You can see that the height difference definitely isnt as large as it seems on promotional events and premieres. So, I think this guy is 180cm tall.

  3. I find it funny that Gisele Bundchen was implying that Leo was shorter or the same height as her, when in most pictures Leo looks taller than her.

  4. Still at a good height. tallish guy.
    He definitely looks better clean shaven. Whats with the beard?

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