Lana Del Rey Height

How tall is Lana Del ReyWondering, how tall is Lana Del Rey? This gorgeous American singer/songwriter stands at 5’6” or 168cm tall.

Early Life and Career:

Lana Del Ray was born Elizabeth Woolridge Grant in 1986, on June 21. She was born in New York City, but grew up in Lake Placid. Lana moved back to NYC at the age of 19 and was signed by a record company that went broke, given her a rough start to her career. Lana was so determined to make it she went to another record label in London to showcase her talent. She released her song “Kill Kill” in 2008. Lana didn’t make it big until she released a song called “Video Games” and uploaded it to YouTube in 2011. This song went viral and made Lana an international sensation.

Still just wondering, how tall is Lana Del Rey? she stands at 5’6” or 168cm tall.

Lana Del Rey Height – Height Comparison

Lana Del Rey next to Taylor Swift. Taylor stands at 5’10” tall and is clearly a few inches taller than Lana.

Lana Del Rey Height


  1. wowww talyor swift is really tall. i thought taylor was around 5’7″ or something but seeing this made taylor around 5’9″ or something and it shows that lana is around 5’6″ AAHAHAHAHA! both of them are beautiful and GORGEOUS!

  2. i knew it that she is shorter than talyor swift. i thought they would be the same height and the information wasn’t even that accurate. shes only around 5’3″ coz taylor swift is around 5’5″ that real FACTS!

  3. There’s no way in hell that Lana’s 5’6! Shes rather short, it was even said so in a magazine by someone interviewing her, she was described as very petite at 5’3, but i think she may be even shorter.

  4. Her legs are really short and her torso isn’t long to compensate. Honestly, she looks around 5’5 to me; but i guess 5’6 is possible as a height for her

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